School Information

Mary Boarts, Principal & Title IX Coordinator
Brad Fulton, Assistant Principal
Ernest Mackins, Assistant Principal
Matt Schult, Assistant Principal

Drew Hirak, Title IX Coordinator (
11000 Belton-Honea Path Highway
Honea Path, SC  29654

Lester McCall, District Title IX Coordinator (
10990 Belton-Honea Path Highway
Honea Path, SC  29654

School History
Belton-Honea Path High School was completed in the summer of 1966.   Renovations and additions were made to the facilities in 1967, 1987, and 2003.  The school is fully accredited by the South Carolina State Department of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (SACS).  It offers a variety of courses of study.  Emphasis is given not only for students preparing for college, but also for those students preparing for immediate entrance into jobs or technical schools.  

School Motto
Quid ermus nunc fiemus.
(What we shall be, we are now becoming.)

School Colors
Red and Blue

School Mascot

Alma Mater
Our Alma Mater proudly stands
And guides us on life's way.
We'll honor her in all we do
And to her name be true.
Our colors we will always cheer,
The Red and Blue hold dear.
Our Alma Mater, BHP
All praise and glory to thee.

(Tune:  The Navy Blue and Gold)

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