Alive @ 25 Virtual Classes

Virtual Alive at 25 Classes
Posted on 06/10/2020
The Southeastern Chapter of the National Safety Council will be offering Virtual Alive at 25 Classes online. The virtual classes will be led by Alive at 25 instructors and monitored by the SCNSC staff. The students who complete the class will receive a certificate for participating. The requirements for participating in the class include a computer with access to the internet or a tablet. This training is not compatible with a cell phone. Participation is required and will be monitored. Students must engage with the instructor and moderator throughout the course to receive credit. The student will still need to register at SCNSC.ORG and pay the $40.00 for the course online.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Mackins at 864-369-4454 with any questions or concerns.

*This class is required for students who wish to drive to and park at BHP.