Morning Traffic Pattern Change

Morning Traffic Pattern Change
no left turnTraffic patterns in front of the school between the times of 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM have changed. This change was made to increase the safety of our students, parents and community. All traffic leaving the front of the school must turn right toward Honea Path.

We are hoping this will cut down on the number of accidents occurring in the mornings.  We appreciate your cooperation as we try to make our morning drop-off safer.

Drivers going toward Belton have two possible options:

Option #1
After turning right onto Belton Honea Path Highway, turn left onto Evatt Road.  Take another left on Canfield Road and another left on to Simpson Road. This will put you back onto the Belton Honea Path Highway.

Option 2
After turning right onto Belton Honea Path Highway, take a right onto Hamby Road and then a right onto Barkers Creek Church Road. This will put you onto Docheno Road.