Staggered Start

BHP Begins School Year with Staggered Start
Posted on 08/11/2020
staggered start

Due to the large number of students that attend Belton Honea Path High School, Belton Middle, and Honea Path Middle, we will start the school year on a staggered schedule for the first 8 days. This will allow teachers to work with smaller groups of students as they review and teach very important safety protocols that we have put in place. Students will be grouped into two cohorts based on their last name.

Group 1 (Red) Students with last names A-J
Group 2 (Blue) Students with last names K-Z

Group 1 will attend school on (A day) Tuesday, August 25th and (B day) Wednesday, August 26th while Group 2 will stay home. Group 2 will attend school on (A day) Thursday, August 27th and (B day), Friday, August 28th while Group 1 will stay at home. They would repeat this Monday - Thursday, August 31st - September 3rd. However, during this week students that are at home will participate in classes virtually. Basically, Group 1 would attend face to face on the red days, and Group 2 would attend on the blue days. On Friday, September 4th all students would attend face to face.

Select groups of middle and high school students will be allowed to attend school everyday during the first 8 days. These would include students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), English Language Learned (ELL) and students that staying at home will cause hardship on the family. In these cases, we ask that you call the school and discuss your situation with the school administration.

All secondary students are required to wear masks while arriving and departing from school and in any area outside of the classroom (except at lunch or engaging in physical activity). Students should be encouraged, but are not required, to wear masks inside the classroom unless they are closer than 6’ from the teacher through small group or individualized instruction.

Secondary students may remove their masks once they are in the classroom and behind their desk shields unless class size prevents social distancing from occurring.

ASD2 would like to thank the parents for your support and understanding through this process. We have asked you to make important decisions regarding how your child will receive instruction this year. You have done this with limited information due to the constant changing situation. We appreciate your patience as we navigate through the reopening of school. Our administrators, teachers, and staff are excited to have your child(ern) back with us soon.