ACT 155 Diploma Request

Guidelines for Students Petitioning for a High School Diploma According to ACT 155

The passage of ACT 155 eliminated the exit exam as a requirement for graduation beginning with the class of 2015. It also allows students, since 1990, who were denied a diploma due to not passing the exit exam (HSAP or BSAP) to petition for a high school diploma.  The office of Federal and State Accountability at the South Carolina Department of Education and Anderson School District Two has created a procedure to assist anyone seeking to petition for a diploma.

The petitioner must complete the Act 155 Diploma Granting Request in its entirety and submit it to the guidance office at Belton-Honea Path High School.

Once the application has been received, the application will be reviewed to determine if the student has meet all requirements of the proviso and then the application will be sent to the board for approval. After the board approves the application the district will order the diploma.